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Patio Cleaning

Pation changes many locations.  When it’s new it looks great.  After sometimes it degrades and will require professional cleaning to bring it back to it’s original and pristine best.  Over the years of extreme weather conditions your patio will begin to look grubby, oily, dirty, may grow algae and moss or may deposit other substances causing it to lose its original appearence.

Patio Cleaning requires specialist treatment if your patio made of a stone that has a perticular cleaning requirements.  Here We have the right knowladge and modern equiptments to tackle your requirements.  Leave the professionals to do all your hard work and get your patio cleaned in no time.

Our high pressure rotary cleaning equipment can clean your patio including concrete slab, natural stone, tarmac, crazy paving, pattern imprinted concrete and timber decking to a high standard far above what can be achieved with a normal jet washer while using far less water..

Patio Cleaning Short Inquiry

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