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Decking Cleaning

Decking changes many locations.  Once installed it gives the area a wow look.  However, over the years of extreme weather conditions your deck will begin to look shabby, grubby , dirty and it may lose its colour.  In a worst case scenario, decking can become covered in surface growth and algae, leaving your deck very slippery and dangerous to walk on particularly when it is damp or wet.

Your decking requires specialist attention.  Wood often becomes discoloured and damaged very quickly due to the weather condition.  Therefore it need to be treated correctly with right meterials to remove unwanted deposits.  Here we have Our secrete old fationed wood treatment techniques and Our unique powerfull cleaning equipment will put you mind at rest.

It is designed to deeply clean the decking without producing the ‘striping’ effect cause by normal power washing.  Our machine will remove all the algae and dirt and will readily restore the natural finish of the wood.  We can re-treat your decking with decking sealer to protect the surface and give it that ‘wow’ look.

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